Michael Hann: Change Maker

How do we orientate ourselves through the messy times in front of humanity?


Michael Hann

As an executive mentor and mediator, my work is about surfacing the potential of leaders to become wise, visionary and highly effective change makers who have the creative capacity to drive progressive change on the toughest, most complex and polarised issues affecting humanity.  My mission is to develop a whole new generation of global change makers who have much higher capacities for navigating others beyond destructive choices, divisive behaviours, short-term silo thinking, vicious competition, toxic rhetoric and violence.

Previously I have worked around the world on leadership teams at Unilever and Accenture, preparing senior change makers to influence and facilitate industry-wide change where it was too slow, incremental or entirely stuck. I have supported leaders from more than 25 countries to accelerate and amplify their change agenda across a wide variety of complex economic, social and environmental issues. 

I am the Founding Chair of the Global Studies Industry Advisory Board at Monash University.  I am Founding Chair for the Citizens Dialogue Project, which has mediated hundreds of dialogues across deep divides on very tough local/global issues. And, I have co-chaired Track II dialogues with international leaders, ministers, diplomats, CEOs & many civic society representatives at G20 meetings and other forums on global issues.

On weekends I love to spend my time hosting nature-connection experiences for kids and adults; out in the mountains, around campfires and under the stars. They are fun and highly developmental adventures that offer significant restorative benefits. They build a deeper sense of belonging, awe and wonder in the universe. And they uncover a yearning for a more active outdoor life, connecting with nature.