Michael Hann: Change Maker

How do we evolve as Change Makers for an era of Uncivilisation?


The Change Makers Camp
30 Nov- 3 Dec, 2017

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An adventure for change makers...

An adventure into the Australian High Country (Victoria) for pioneering change makers who are relentlessly building influential alliances and experimenting how to (1) future proof their organisations and (2) build more resilience in society and vital ecosystems.

This program is for those who are ready for brave and hearty conversations about how we navigate humanity through the difficult terrain ahead; climate/energy adaptation, competing uses of land/water, waste/toxicity, biodiversity loss, collapsing ecologies and political/social instability...

We will explore emerging cultural narratives and models for leading change that might inform how we break through the gridlocks of vicious advocacy, competing agendas, hyper-complexity, polarised ideologies and an excessive 'me' culture at all scales; the very real, tough landscape in which we work daily to create a more peaceful, sustainable and equitable world.

This will be a dialogue amongst peers who are relentlessly pushing the boundaries through fresh campaigns for profound change, whether you are executives, activists, diplomats, international advisors, consultants, coaches, educators or artists. In our conversations we will be intentional about the conditions for generative thinking, inquiring, listening, pausing, contrasting, reframing, deeper sense making, integrating and self-authoring. These are the types of learning conversations that are more likely to restore us and grow our capacity.

We will set up our base camp at one of my favourite Historic Huts in the Vic High Country - an enchanting location with a big campfire circle, hut and mountain creek, surrounded by a grove of snow gums which offer plenty of shelter. From there we can follow The Old Ways - a term used by author Robert Macfarlane - hiking along trails that have been used by others over thousands of years to pass through these mountains - for food, safety, restoration and renewal.

We already know what is at stake...

We know the state of affairs; humanity faces the threat of its extinction this century - not some other distant horizon. So this adventure is not about recycling all our grief about a planet gone by, nor the felt helplessness of today's campaigns, but charting new paths forward in difficult times. Nor is it about drowning in our expertise, though experts we are all likely to be. This is about going to the very edge of what we know. It is about being a pioneer of new territories for a few days... and pioneers take risks, adventuring through landscapes that are entirely unknown. The metaphor of our adventure into the mountains serves as a powerful guide for us.

Some questions to get us started...

What Earthly Lines have recently transformed something deep inside you? What is your source of highest wisdom about how we navigate ourselves and the rest of humanity through these messy times ahead? What is our highest purpose through these times? Why? What is it that we really want? Why do we collectively keep producing results that most of society doesn't want? How do we navigate the complexity and polarisation that is splitting apart the networks and communities in which we operate? Where are you stuck, right now? Where is your theory of change breaking apart and how does it need to be different? What needs to happen next?


Starting with Earthly Lines...

I encourage you to bring some Earthly Lines to share - stories, poems, quotes, songs or sounds - that have transformative potential for how we relate to nature and the whole Earth, and how we govern and orientate ourselves through this disorienting era of Uncivilisation. I have invited a gifted musician or two to join us on this mountain adventure.

Some of my favourite Earthly Lines that you might like to consider:

The Dark Mountain Project
Uncivilisation: http://dark-mountain.net/about/manifesto/
Walking on Lava: http://bit.ly/2iNooYj
About "Walking on Lava": http://bit.ly/2iN9voU

Robert Macfarlane
Landmarks: http://amzn.to/2euxCaI
The Old Ways: http://amzn.to/2xCvFOa

Some Earthly Lines, in poetry and music, by Richard Skelton and others at Corbel Stone Press: http://corbelstonepress.com/

Also check out the Earthly sounds by Agnes Obel: http://www.agnesobel.com/.

Other favourites that I find build helpful context for our times:
Who Do We Choose To Be, by Meg Wheatley: http://amzn.to/2goxzdo
Leading Through the Emerging Future, by Otto Scharmer: http://amzn.to/2vPTzUa
Dialogue & The Art of Thinking Together, by Bill Isaacs: http://amzn.to/1duQblH

And anything from Thomas Berry and Joseph Campbell...


Some essentials...

There will be a fee of $300pp. If you stay in Bright over night before the trip, you will also need to cover the cost of a cabin. I recommend staying at Bright BIG4: http://www.big4bright.com.au/.  It is a beautiful venue on the Ovens River, walking distance from everything in the village.

You will need to be fit enough to carry all your gear for approx. 2hours walk into the site of our base camp. You will need tent, sleeping gear, food and clothes.

If you are interested to find out more, please contact me directly.